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Different Kind of Knight - 3

Title Different Kind of Knight
Author Shona aka Mara (MaraJaded)
Disclaimer Not mine, never will be.

Where were you? You missed it again!Collapse )

Different Kind of Knight - 2

Title Different Kind of Knight
Disclaimer Still not my sandbox, but it's getting bigger.
Rating PG-13

Faith preferred to come down to the gym as early as possible these days.Collapse )

2008 - Different Kind Of Knight

Title Different Kind Of Knight
Author Shona, aka Mara
Disclaimer This is fanfiction, it's not my sandbox - I'm just playing in it.
Rating This part PG-13, later parts may be higher.

Casey woke with a startCollapse )

2005 - Between Lies & Dreams, part 2

Word Count: 2381
Total Word Count: 3607/50000 (gah!)
Notes: Despite coming from a police family (three uncles and one cousin) I know very little about police procedure. This is probably glaringly obvious from what's in here. I'm not happy with this part at all, but it needed done. I'm in no way implying that any police force currently existing is in this kind of state - it's all fiction.
Read more...Collapse )

2005 - Between Lies & Dreams

Title: Between Lies and Dreams
Author: MaraJaded (aka Shona... *g*)
Disclaimer: Oh... wait. This actually is mine isn't it? (grins at naol for beating me to that particular joke...)
Wordcount: 1,226
Total wordcount: 1,226/50,000

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