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2008 - Different Kind Of Knight

Title Different Kind Of Knight
Author Shona, aka Mara
Disclaimer This is fanfiction, it's not my sandbox - I'm just playing in it.
Rating This part PG-13, later parts may be higher.

Casey woke with a start. The dream – no, not a dream, the nightmare stayed with her and for a terrifying moment she didn't know where she was. Blinking in the darkness she took a deep breath and looked around. The half familiar shapes of the utilitarian furniture came into focus and her heart rate began to slow to a normal rate. Or, at least, normal for her.

There was the overflowing free standing closet, there the standard lamp that had never worked but somehow they'd never gotten rid of, there the chair laden with discarded clothes, there was Suzzannah's bizarre stuffed elephant (she claimed it was a memento of her former life, but Casey couldn't quite work out what kind of life she would want to recall with the aid of a four foot tall purple elephant). All the normal things that were the hazards of two teenage girls sharing a bedroom that was no bigger than a walk in closet.

Normal. Completely and utterly normal.

Or, at least, normal for her.

As realisation dawned that it really was nothing more than a nightmare, Casey felt the lure of sleep once more and gradually let her eyes close. The shape that she saw just as they did had to be nothing more than a remnant of the dream. Didn't it?

Unseen in the darkness the man smiled a mirthless smile and gradually faded into the shadows.
Tags: !2008, different kind of knight, incomplete
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